Birthday Coffee Cake

In honor of our 10th Recipe of the Year, we’ve brought celebratory birthday cake energy to coffee cake. This recipe has all the quintessential qualities of a classic birthday cake: soft, tender texture, notes of vanilla and almond, a ribbon of chocolate filling, and a shower of colorful natural sprinkles to create a confetti cake base.

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“I ordered the southern red velvet and it was delicious! It was as good as grandma’s. I added lettering and confetti sprinkles and the presentation and packaging were on point.”
Andrea A. Verified buyer
“Best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had!!!! Someone propped the lid of the box open because they were still warm from the oven! Love this place! Thank you so much!!!”
Tamara Z. Verified buyer
“If you've never had a Bakevo, cupcake, or cookie you are really missing out. It is one of the best sweet treat experiences that you will ever have. The problem is, you will never...”
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How do I use fraisage to make pie crust?

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Why does whipped cream make great cake?

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